Getting Started with Online Fundraising

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Like to fundraise online but not sure how? It is actually a lot easier than you think!

Using the Everyday Hero website you can create your own individual or team Bowel Cancer Awareness Month fundraising webpage in just minutes and invite everyone you know to make an online donation to Bowel Cancer Australia in support of your Bowel Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser.

Simply create a profile, set your target, add a picture and blurb about why supporting Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in so important to you, and you’re good to go!

Each fundraising page has its own unique website link, which you can include in your promotional posters/flyers, send via email or put on your social networking sites to invite your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances and anyone else you can think of to donate.

Every online donation is recorded on your fundraising page along with any special messages from your friends and family.

Receipts are also issued to the donor automatically, so that means no “handling money” for you, and no time spent by us issuing receipts or paying for postage.

Sound good - visit Bowel Cancer Awareness Month Online Fundraising Page or Red Apple Day Online Fundraising Page now to create your special webpage and get fundraising now.

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Tips & Tricks for online fundraisers

  • personalise your online fundraising page and update it regularly;

  • email everyone in your contact list asking for their support;

  • send a follow up email or two;

  • post your fundraising web-link on your social media pages (you may even like to create a special Facebook event and invite your friends);

  • make a poster about your fundraising and putting it up around your workplace or local community (be sure to request a copy of the Proudly Supporting Bowel Cancer Australia logo and receive the appropriate charity/company/council approvals first);

  • ask your HR department if they can put a posting about your fundraising on the company intranet or in the company newsletter;

  • investigate if your employer matches charity donations (many large and/or community conscious organisations do);

  • if you have a larger overall target - break your fundraising down into achievable bite-sized chunks. (For example: sponsorship from friends and family - $450, apple themed high tea bake off - $150, Red Apple Day breakfast at work - $200, Company Match Giving - $200. $1000 reached!);

  • ask for a copy of Bowel Cancer Australia's Fundraising Kit, including tips for promoting your event online (for free) and getting a story in your local newspaper;

  • and last but not least - be sure to thank all your donors/sponsors, tell them why their support is so important and how their donation will help.

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Awareness Packs & Merchandise

Bowel Cancer Awareness Packs come in a variety of sizes, including posters and flyers that you can display and/or hand out during your fundraising. Order an Awareness Pack now.

Bowel Cancer Australia also has a number of merchandise items available which you may be interested in purchasing for your fundraising, including running singlets, T-shirts, water bottles, and our popular red and white striped Bum Shorts. Visit our online store for further details.

Please note: Materials and merchandise can take up to two weeks to arrive in the post, so to avoid disappointment, please place your order with us ASAP. Missed the deadline? Awareness materials are also available for download at Downloadable Resources.

Having trouble finding your online fundraising page?

Simply head to the Bowel Cancer Awareness Month Online Fundraising Homepage, click on “Sponsor a Friend” and search for your (the fundraiser’s) name.

Everyday Hero FAQs and Help Centre

The friendly team at Everyday Hero have put together some simple FAQs and a step-by-step guide for creating an online fundraising page and are available to answer any technical question you may be have at Contact Everyday Hero Help Centre.

Proudly Supporting Bowel Cancer Australia logo

If you wish to include / display a Bowel Cancer Australia logo or the charity's name on any materials for your fundraiser, we have a proudly supporting Bowel Cancer Australia logo that we can email to charity approved fundraising organisers. Please don't use the standard charity logo or take a screen capture of the logo listed on the Bowel Cancer Australia, Red Apple Day or Bowel Cancer Awareness Month website.