How patients, survivors and loved ones can get involved

Bowel Cancer Australia

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month has a very special meaning for those who have been touched by bowel cancer, whether it be personally or through a loved one. Sharing personal experiences and the story of your bowel cancer journey is often the most powerful message of all when it comes to raising much needed awareness of bowel cancer and encouraging people to take action.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month also provides a lovely opportunity to join with others who know what you are going through (or have been through), acknowledge the many brave bowel cancer survivors in our community, show support for a loved one, and to positively honour the memory of those who have sadly lost their battle with bowel cancer.

  • Join other patients, loved ones and survivors as part of Bowel Cancer Australia's 'Peer-to-Peer Support Network' patient and loved one networks.

  • Contact our media team to request a Community Media Kit and find out how you can share your bowel cancer story with a local newspaper / media.

  • Order a box of Bowel Cancer Awareness Ribbons to sell among your family, friends and local community.

  • Host a Bowel Cancer Awareness Month or Red Apple Day fundraiser.

  • Download some free promotional resources, including a Bowel Cancer Awareness Month Poster (general).

  • Distribute awareness posters and flyers at your treating hospital, health centre and/or in your local community by requesting a free Awareness Pack.

  • Create a special online fundraising page for your event or fundraising activity.

  • Connect with Bowel Cancer Australia on Social Media and help spread the word by sharing, re-posting and tweeting.

To find out more about how you can get involved in Bowel Cancer Awareness Month contact us on (02) 9923 8269 or use our Bowel Cancer Awareness Month Patient / Survivor / Loved One Online Enquiry form below.